calliope614-deactivated20140210 asked: Just wanted to say I love your mods. Got the larger tank top for my femshep and the N7 t-shirt for my manshep, hope you make the alliance t-shirt available for other team members such as Ashley because she would look great in it :)

Thanks! I’m glad you like my mods :) I already changed Ashley and Kaidan outfit a long time ago in my game with my tshirt mod but I’ve never released the mods for download.



Maybe I’ll release it for download if the people want it :).

This is a project I was working since several months ago but I had not the time for it, now the UVW map is done and works perfect in game without any problem. However I need to remodel some zones like the breast because it’s too big for my taste and other minor issues with the mesh and the most important thing, a proper retexture for the dress because it hasn’t any texture yet. I’m thinking on a leather texture and paint some lines to simulate something near to the ME2 dress. The idea is create something proper for the casino mission on the Citadel DLC.
Have a nice day :).

Original promo art on my DA

MaleShep’s extra texture (Alliance) for the N7 Shirt mod is now up! Female version will be ready soon :)

Download on Nexus Mods


The black and red version is now avail for download here: (

My old render N7 Mod V1.5 promo, I need to redone it with the new version 2.0 :D.High res here

My old render N7 Mod V1.5 promo, I need to redone it with the new version 2.0 :D.

High res here



Ok so this is the first mod I ever released. THere are a few tiny imperfections, but unlike CME-alenko, I am lazy. So for anyone who wants it,Instructions are included, They are written for me to understand when I first started modding, so I hope they can help the people who need help! Have fun and enjoy!


Mesh was made by #CME-alenko, diffuse by me!

p.s. hair by #nameislooney (

p.p.s. dont like the top (her version is the bottom 2 pics)? Get #CME-alenko version here:

Hey sexy lady!


Dragon Effect
Inquisitors Kaidan, Shepard, Garrus

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Ok, It is uploaded here :

it is not perfect, the back is not straight but I could care less when I wear long hair anyway lol.

instructions inside for anyone new to modding

Mesh made by #CME-alenko

hair by #nameislooney



Talking and dancing at the same time — now with KurauAmami’s amazing Modded Casual N7 Shirt V2.0This is now my favorite alt outfit for Shep — check out those shoulders, she looks so buff.

Looks good on u :D